Version available only for those who backed the crowdfunding campaign for "SACRIFICIO starwars FANFILM" (short available here)

This version is made of transparent blue resin, since the character was portraited as an hologram in the short film.
A different colour combination will be available later this year only on preorders, if you want to be notified when it will be available, please follow my IG account @codeczombie

Inspired from the characters seen in the Cantina scene, I've decided to mix an anthropomorphic figure with a coypu (nutria) which is very common in Romagna, the italian region where the short has been made.
It also features the "caveja" (typical Romagna's crest) on its shoulder and a "sciucarèn whip" on the backpack, a traditional whip used to keep rhythm on Romagna's traditional music "LISCIO" (check it out here).
The packaging is entirely hand made, the blister is thermoformed "in house".

12cm (4,7inches) tall, 125gr.

📸 on black Callo Albanese (IG @iamcallo)
📸 on white Andrea Fiumana (IG @andrea_fiumana_)

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