This piece has been made for a collective exhibition about the face of DANTE ALIGHIERI, the italian "sommo poeta" who wrote the DIVINA COMMEDIA.
Born in Florence but then exhiliated, he spent the final chapters of his life in Ravenna, my hometown, where he completed and published the DIVINA COMMEDIA.
In Ravenna we have his tomb, a street, and a theatre are named after him.

BONOBOLABO is a gallery which holds "DANTE PLUS", an exhibition at its third edition that asks to a group of different artists each year to interpret Dante’s face.
I came out with this concept of making the whole piece as if it was Dante’s face, putting his nose inside the blister like a “figure” and building a story around it, as you can read on the back of the cardboard.
The exhibition will take place from september 7th, in Ravenna. 
The remaining pieces will be available online via the gallery website (by the end of the next week).
Each part is made “in-house”, cardboard, blister etc.
Limited edition of 25 pieces.

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