"I do it to blend in, you know, zombies don't mess with other zombies."
Here's your chance to get the highlight from ZOMBIELAND: ZOMBILL!
9,5cm (3.75in) tall, the same scale as miniZISSOU! Casted in 30gr of pure dyed resin, each piece is handmade and hand-painted in Italy. 

ZOMBILL will be available from FRIDAY MARCH 15th at 16:00(CET)
[London 15:00 - New York 10:00 - Los Angeles 07:00 Tokyo 00:00 - Beijing 23:00]
via codeczombie.bigcartel.com
Third figure to join the collection of MiniMurrays, after #MiniZissou and #BossMurray (from 'Isle of Dogs'), also available on the store.

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